Common Questions

Q: "I recently bought your product from ROSS, can I buy another one from you? or can you tell me where to find it?"


Q: I bought your product from a 3rd party source and I'm missing a piece of hardware. Can you help?

Q: I bought one of your products, but unfortunately I didn't read the description and the height is too low for what I need it for. Can I return this?

Q: What states do you ship products to?

A: Unfortunately we do not sell this item direct-to-buyer. We sold this design to ROSS and we do not have access to their inventory or distribution list. We would recommend you reach out to your local ROSS with this question.

A: Of course! please email ecommerce@cuiliudesigns.com with images of your product and we will get the claims process started.

A: We are more than happy to help with this request. Please send an email to ecommerce@cuiliudesigns.com so we can request further information to get this process started.

A: We ship to ALL states EXCEPT Alaska & Hawaii. If you have questions about this, please send an email to ecommerce@cuiliudesigns.com 

Q: Are you EPA certified?


Q: Where are your products made


Q: Why is your company called 'Cui Liu' and how do you pronounce it?

A: Yes, our EPA number is 97173-CHN-1

A: Our e-commerce products are made in China; Our wholesale products are made in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. All of our products are designed in the USA.

A: 'Cui Liu' is the name of our CEO. To learn more about who she is, please visit "Meet Cui" page. 'Cui Liu' is pronounced 'Tray • Lew'

Product Care Tips

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

How to Clean Wood Furniture

How to Store Furniture

How to Preserve Longevity of Upholstered Furniture

How to Preserve Longevity of Wood Furniture

How to Keep Your Furniture Looking New


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