Tips & Tricks: How to Use Cui Liu UV Wand

Tips & Tricks: How to Use Cui Liu UV Wand

How to use: 

1. To turn on your Cui Liu UV Wand, simply click and hold the button for the purple like to turn on. 

2. To disinfect your area, hold the button to keep the light on and wave over the area 10-15 times or until you feel comfortable. 

3. When you're done, simply let your finger off the button and the light will turn off. 

Child lock:

1. On the side of the UV wand, there is a "lock" button. When your wand is turned off, add an extra step for safety by locking your device. This helps protect others from getting exposed to the purple light on their skin. 

2. This item also has a "rattle" sensor, so when your device turns to a 45 degree angle it will automatically turn off. This helps prevent the UV light from shining in your eyes or on your skin. 

Where to use it: 

1. We recommend using our UV wand on hard surfaces or products you use on a regular basis. It is not safe to use this UV wand on your skin. We also recommend you to not look at the light directly either.


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