Tips & Tricks: Cui Liu Enchanted Magnetic Lash Kit

Cui Liu Designs Magnetic Lashes
Tip 1 : How to Clean Your Lashes
Step 1 : Gently remove your magnetic lashes from the packaging. 
Step 2 : Grab your OIL-FREE makeup remover and apply on Q-tip. 
Step 3 : With the soaked Q-tip, gently rub on the strip of lashes to clean the magnets.
Step 4 : Once cleaned, place back in packaging and re-use when you're ready!

Tip 2 : How to Increase The Longevity of Your Lashes
Step 1 : Use OIL-FREE makeup remover. When you use oil based removed, the oil breaks down the magnetic properties which can cause the magnets to fall apart.
Step 2 : For better precision, use Q-tips instead of cotton balls. If you are using an infused Q-tip, be sure it's OIL-FREE.
Step 3 : Put mascara on your natural lashes BEFORE you apply your magnetic lashes. 
Step 4 : Clean your lashes after each use. As long as you clean your lashes and keep up with them, you can re-use them up to 30+ times. 

Tip 3 : Go Ahead & Lash Out!
Step 1 : Draw on your regular eyeliner first. Next, apply a thick coat of magnetic eyeliner on top of the eyeliner you just applied; This will help the magnetic eyeliner last longer and acts as double strength. Once complete, apply your lashes and you are ready to go! You can wear your lashes up to 10 hours in one day. 
Step 2 : Trim the lashes to your liking. Everyone has a different eye shape, size, skin, etc. If our smallest lash length is still too long for you, trim up the length until you get the desired look you want. 
Step 3 : Embrace who you are. You are beautiful! Our lashes just help enhance your natural beauty; So go ahead and lash out!